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Typical Details

The Typical details for the three methods of construction in the technical guidance documents presented in the design concept section of the cloud based system are Accredited Scottish Construction Details or details that have had their psi values calculated using suitable software to BR 429 standard, any new methods of construction or typical details posted on the cloud based system will met these requirements.

The details in the design procurement and Building Control section of the cloud based system is very specific to the project being designed. The typical details presented are determined when setting up the project in the input section of the system, the user will be asked what method of construction, typical details and materials are to be used and the software will present specific typical details based on the decisions made.

The Foresite framework is designed to be flexible and the system allows for new methods of construction, typical details and technical data to be introduced immediately to the cloud based system. Only products and details that have met the relevant industry standards will be used on the website.

The software is adaptable and we are working with our insulation manufacturers to provide a set of details for each method of construction for FEE and extreme fabric. This option will deliver thermal bridge values of between 0.05 and 0.02 W/m2K depending on the design efficiency of the building.

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