Registering a new dwelling

The supervising professional needs to be a member of the system and have 1 credit or £100.00 in their PayPal account to register a building on the Foresite system. A dwelling should only be registered by the supervising professional/administrator at the Building notice stage of the project through their administration page. The administrator needs to go through the registering process and carryout the following procedures..

1. Input the project details

Input the project details the name, address, jurisdication and password. This password and a project ID generated by the building control system will be forwarded by email to the registered stakeholders giving them online access to as designed and as constructed Part L1A specification for a particular project. The stakeholders but in particular the builder can also download onsite customised compliance documents using this project ID and password.

2. Input the contact details

Input the contact details and email addresses of the stakeholders Approved Verifier, Approved Certifier in Design, Designer, Builder, Energy Assessor, Scheme Provider/Approved Operator Operator/SEAI and the Promoter. The building control system will automatically send e mails to the registered stakeholders providing them with a project ID and password allowing them to view as designed and as constructed compliance documents and download onsite customised compliance documents for both the fabric and fixed building specifications.

3. Import a complaint Part L1A specification

The registrating process will ask the supervising professional/administrator to import a complaint Part L1A specification, typical details and technical data for a particular project into the online Foresite building control system setting the standard for the building control system from their administration page. This design information which can be viewed online by the registered stakeholders using their project ID and password consists of:

  • A compliant Summary of each element of Part F.
  • All the typical details specific for the project for the fabric specification.
  • Specific Technical data and best practice for both the fabric and fixed building specification.
  • A SAP Assessmentthat proves that the fabric and fixed building specification is compliant with FEES for the level of performance required.

The design professional has the ability to export a compliant Part L1A specification that they have design to the supervising professional who is a member of the system through their administration page. The design professional follows the procedure and the design details will be exported to the supervising professional administration page and they can now import this information into the building control system, the design professional is obliged to export the compliant specification to the supervising professional free of charge.

4. Post Importing

When imported the design information will appear in the design fabric, design fixed building and SAP Assessmentsections of the building control system. In the SAP Assessmentsection the administrator presses an email button that sends an email to all the registered stakeholders informing them that they can use their project ID and password to view the compliant design specifications, typical details and best practice online. This email will inform the stakeholders of what their responsibilities are in helping deliver compliance and to inform builder that they need to download the customised onsite compliance documents for the fabric and fixed building specification complete them and forward a copy to the administrator.

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