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Why is this system needed?

The Zero carbon Hub recognise two challenges facing the delivery of Zero carbon by 2016 for domestic new builds.

1. What performance level do we build to?

Now the designer has the choice to build to the current regulations- FEE standard or Extreme Fabric design, this choice has not been available to main stream designers until now, the promoter can now decide what performance level they want to build to. This will help with the transition to zero carbon which we believe will be natural and unforced because of access to easy to use design tools.

2. Closing the performance gap?

The Foresite system provides a correlation between design-Procurement and Building Control, this will help in closing the performance gap the big variation is workmanship.

This information is generate by the software on the system for £100.00 which is a fraction of what it would cost to employ a professional to provide this data, that is if a professional with the skills can be found.

The Foresite system is affordable and is design to work within the existing system, working for all the stakeholders.

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