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Welcome to the Foresite system.

The system is designed to help designers and supervising professionals provide the technical data and compliance documentation that will become mandatory with the revision of the building regulations and building control in 2013. There are three sections to the system.

1. Choosing a Method of Construction:

This section allows the designer choose a method of construction, Decide on the typical details most suited to their project and help the designer choose the performance level they require. These decisions need to be made before the design process commences.

2. Design Section:

The design section of the system allows the designer access to the design tools, best practice, construction detail and proof of compliance needed to design and store a compliant Part L1A specification and the software generates the following Tender/Building Control Documents and Drawings:

  • A summary of each complaint element of the Part L1A specification.
  • U value calculations for the Floor, Wall & Roof.
  • Individual y factor calculations showing psi values and lengths.
  • A SAP result page which will prove compliance with the 2010, Fee & Extreme Fabric Standard.
  • A library of customised typical details specifically for a particular project.
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A member can store and design up to 150 projects in their administration page for an annual fee of £200.00. The design section of the system has four sections.

  • 1. The input section of the design calculator, the software systematically takes the designer through each section of the project, ensuring all the dimensions required to calculate the y factor and needed by the online SAP calculator to prove compliance are collated.

  • 2. The design section systematically takes the designer through each section of the Part L1A specification that needs to be designed, it provides the designer with good design options for the level of performance they require Current, FEE, Extreme Fabric building regulations.

    In the fabric part of the design the software presents the designer with typical details, best practice, y factor calculations, U value calculators for the walls floor and roofs. The information presented by the system is based on the method of construction- typical details - and insulation materials chosen by the designer.

    In the fixed building part of the design the software presents the designer with good design options and best practice that is cost affective and supports the Full FEES plus efficient services, it also provides software that helps in the design of solar panels and hot water storage tanks.

  • 3. The result page collates the input dimensions and design decisions made, and uses this data to calculate a SAP result. The result page will prove that the design decisions made are compliant or non-compliant with the performance level required for FEES and in the jurisdiction the dwelling is built. It will give an energy rating and the approximate cost to run the dwelling annually.

    If the dwelling is badly designed and is non-compliant the software will advise the designer on the most cost effective way to make the dwelling compliant. A member can design and store 150 projects in their administration page.

  • 4. The designer has the option of downloading Tender/Building Control Documents and Drawings generate by the Foresite software: Summary of a compliant Part L1A specification; U value and y factor calculations, Sap result page or proof of compliance, customised library of specific typical details that will be required to construct a particular project, all for a fee of £100.00.

3. Building Control:

The compliant Part L1A specification stored by the design professional in their administration page can be imported into the online Foresite Building Control System. This compliant design information and proof of compliance sets the standard in the quality control system.

A combination of the online customised compliance documents generated by the software and the way the building control system keeps the stakeholders informed will guarantee that the compliant design Part L1A specification will be delivered to site. More ... Less ...

When the administrator is registering a dwelling on the Foresite building control system at building notice stage of the project, they register all the stakeholders: The Approved Verifier, Approved Certifier in Design, Scheme Provider/Approved Operator, builder, energy assessor and home owner including their email addresses. The stakeholders will be regularly sent emails by the building control system informing them that they can download free of charge the customised onsite fabric and fixed building compliance documents for a particular project generate by the software in the building control system.

The building control system informs the builder that he needs to download these compliance documents complete them and forward them to the administrator. The administrator summaries these ‘as constructed compliance documents online and informs the stakeholders by email through the system that they can be viewed online using a project ID and password.

The energy assessor is informed by email that they need to use these as constructed compliance documents and their version of SAP to calculate the as constructed energy rating and forward it to the administrator. The administrator through the building control system email informs all the stakeholders that the as constructed energy rating has been completed and that this data is a stored on the Foresite data base and can be accessed by anybody who has a project ID and password

If the design professional uses this system to design a Part L1A specification; and if the supervising professional imports this design information into the Foresite building control system when registering a dwelling; then a compliant Part L1A specification to the performance level required will be guaranteed.

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