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Getting Started

There are three levels of usage to the Foresite system, and payment is made through PayPal credits, 1 credit = £100.00.

  • 1. Free Annual Membership
  • 2. To download customised tender documents, £100.00=1 credit.
  • 3. To register a dwelling on the building control system, £100.00=1 credit.

Annual Membership:

Membership is free, a member gets their own administration page were they can:

  • Have use of the design tools on the system: The U value and y factor calculators; The design options for each element of the Part L1A specification depending on the level of performance require. The easy to use online SAP software that will prove compliance with the level of performance required.
  • Have the ability to design and store individual projects on the Foresite data base using their administration page.
  • Have the ability to export a designed project to a supervising professionals administration page, if they are a member.
  • Have access to new detailing and new Part L1A products and materials that we will be constantly adding to the best practice and U value calculators.
  • We will be sending out newsletters keeping members informed of the latest developments in the Part L1A and the new software appliactions that we have coming online.

To download tender Documents:

When the designer has completed the design of Part L1A and it has been proven to be compliant with the performance level required by the online SAP software the designer can print out a tender documents for Part F.

In the design section press on "tender" during the process the member will be asked to pay £100.00 using PayPal and 1 credit. It is important that the member has credit available because it can take 7 hours for a credit to be approved, the member can purchase up to 10 credits at any one time. The print out will consist of:

  • 1. Print out of each element of the compliant specification.
  • 2. Details of the u value and y factor calculations.
  • 3. Typical details populated with the specification for a particular project.
  • 4. SAP Calculation proofing compliance.

To register a dwelling in the online building control system:

The member can register a building , by going to "register a dwelling" on the "administration page" during the registering process the member will be asked to pay £100.00 using PayPal and 1 credit. It is important that the member has credit available because it can take 7 hours for a credit to be approved, a member can purchase up to 10 credits at a time. When registered the member will have the ability to administer the building control system:

  • Have the ability to import all the design data for a particular project into the building controls system when registering a project at building notice stage. So that the registered stakeholders can view both the online and downloadable onsite compliance documents, the best practice and construction drawings for a particular project using a project ID and password.
  • Have the ability to send emails to the registered stakeholders informing them of their responsibilities and in particular the builder of providing prove of compliance.
  • When prove of compliance is received from the builder, summarising the as constructed onsite compliance documents, and inform the registered stakeholders by email that as constructed compliance documents are completed and the work can be inspected on site.
  • When the energy assessor has proved compliance using their version of SAP and forwarded proof of compliance to the administrator that he has the ability to lockdown this information on the Foresite data base.

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