Introduction to Best Practice for Frames Construction

The aim of the best practice section of the Timber \ Steel Frame section of the system is to provide practical advice on how to actually deliver the design options provided by the Timber \ Steel Frame design information calculator to site. The advice given is based on "Fabric First" document published by the Energy Saving Trust, the technical data provided by suppliers and Foresite’s experience of designing and project managing energy efficient specifications (see terms & conditions) the information is a sample of the information provided by the design information calculator.

Fabric Specification Best Practice

1.0 Ground Floor 3.3 Flat Roof
2.0 External Walls 4.0 Windows & Doors
3.1 Flat Ceiling 5.0 Thermal Bridge
3.2 Sloped Ceiling 6.0 Air permeability

Fixed Building specification Best Practice

7.0 Ventilation 10.1 Water Storage
8.0 Energy Efficient Lighting 10.2 Water Usage
9.1 Stoves 11.0 Efficiency of Boiler
9.2 Solar 12.0 Heating Controls

Foresite will be constantly updating best practice, when new materials with better performances enter the market. The most up to date best practice on the specific design options is provided through the design information calculator; this information can only be accessed by account holders.

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