Quantity surveying software:

Foresite will only provide the quantity surveying package to account holders and the software can only be accessed from the account holder’s administration page from the system. The Assessor can allow a supervising architect/engineer access to the quantity surveying package by forwarding them on a Project ID number, this will allow the architect/engineer

  • To print out the specification and quantified itemised bill of quantities.
  • To enter the successful builders tender price into the software and produced a priced itemised bill of quantities based on the tender price.
  • To carry out interim valuations on the software that is accurate and can be recorded.

How it works

The assessor needs to forward a complete set of drawings to and a price will be returned within 24 hours. If the price is accepted Foresite will forward a checklist for the finishes of the building, this will help us provide an accurate bill of quantities for the complete building.

On acceptance of payment Foresite will within three working days have the quantity surveying software uploaded onto the assessors data base, which can be accessed through the their administration page on the system.

If the assessor wants to forward this software to a third party supervising architect/ engineer a project ID is e mailed to this person: which gives them the ability to print out the specification and quantified bill of quantities; to produce a priced itemised bill of quantities based on the success full builders tender price; and to carryout interim valuations.

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