Design Section of the system

This section of the system allows design professionals who are members to design and store compliant Part L1A specifications on the Foresite data base using their administration page. Before starting the design process the designer should have studied the choosing a method of construction section of the system and know what typical details and materials they want to use.

1. Input Section of the system:

In this section of the system the software will give design options that will present the design professional with the correct design tools and automated drawings to ensure that the correct dimensions are used in these design tools.

2. Design calculator Section of the system:

The calculator systematically takes the design professional through each element of the Part L1A specification, providing design options based on the fabric first approach for the level of performance required. This design process will guarantee that a compliant Part L1A specification is designed to the performance level required.

3. Results page:

This section of the system will prove if the design decisions made during the design process are compliant because the Foresite online SAP software will automatically calculate a design energy rating DER for the project, showing if the dwelling is compliant with FEES.

4. Tender/Building Control Documents and Drawings:

This section of the system allows a member download a specific Tender/Building Control Document; this document can be used at both planning and tender stage giving clear direction to both the Approved Verifier and builder as to what is required for compliance using the fabric first approach

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