Building Control

A design professional who is a member of the system can register a dwelling on the Foresite online building control system for a fee of £100.00 using their administration page. This quality assurance system has three sections that will guarantee compliance.

1. Registration and Design Section

This section allows the design professional to import the compliant design information : From their administration page into the Foresite building control system to set the standard when registering the dwelling, this design information can be viewed by the registered stakeholders.

2. Onsite Compliance documents Section:

Allows all the registered stakeholders with a project ID and password have access to the fabric and fixed building customised compliance documents for the registered dwelling, it is the responsibility of the builder to download these documents and have them completed.

3. As Constructed Section :

The Foresite building control system is self-regulating because the stakeholders will be informed by the building control system that different aspects of the Part L1A specification are completed and the summary can be viewed online or onsite.

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