Full Fill Cavity Method of Construction

The emphasis with the system is to design a Part L1A specification to the level of performance required using the fabric first approach or FEES. The fabric first approach is achieved by the designing the U value; the thermal bridge; and air permeability of the fabric to a high standard and not to rely on the more expensive fixed building specification.

U Value:

There are a number of ways of achieving a good U value and continuity of insulation with Full Fill Construction, the most cost effective is using breathable materials such as Rock & Glass wool and natural materials that can be installed by block layers or blown into the cavity wall insulation installed by specialist contractors, see best practice. The insulation material used with this method needs to be breathable and the thermal conductivity is less than the non-breathable materials used in other methods, for this reason the walls are wider taking up more room and using more materials in the foundation.

Thermal Conductivity:

Before starting to design a Part L1A specification the designer needs to choose which typical details for the ground floor, intermediate floor and eaves are most suitable for their project as these details affect the calculation of the thermal bridge calculation.

It is important that the designer provides these details for the builder at tender stage and that the builder downloads the customised fabric compliance documents from the building control system and signs them off.

Air Permeablity:

The designer needs to decide on a level of performance they require 2010, FEE standard, Extreme Fabric Standard, to achieve the standards required the designer will need to consider the design, the more complicated the building is with construction joints and features the harder it will be for the builder to make the dwelling air tight, the more construction joints and features a dwelling has the more heat will be lost from the building affecting the y actor calculation.

It is important that the design professional has decided on which method of construction, typical details, insulation materials, performance level they require before they enter into the design process in the design section of this system.

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